Composer | Songwriter | Producer


Emmy is an awardwinning livestreamer, composer, singer-songwriter, that was voted Top Talent on the app Periscope and nominated by seven talentscouts from around the world. She broke the records and had 112.000 live viewers on her broadcast and got featured on Periscope for top music act in the music category.


" My dream as a kid was to be able to travel the world and sit down at any piano and be able to play anything, and be free with my music. Now I can. My dream has come true." - Emmy Rich


She comes from the north parts of Sweden from a very musical and artistic family where music was played throughout the generations and the love for making music and composing began.

Over the years Emmy has managed to mesmerize a big audience from around the world that loves to hear her own compositions and original music, and she has a very bright future ahead of her.

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